Friday, February 27, 2009

Something New To Collect

We stopped in an antique store that is near our house today and I spotted this amazing milk glass. The pattern was one I had never come across before. How this is possible, I have no idea! I've been collecting milk glass for years and thought I knew of all the patterns. Now I'll be keeping my eye out wherever I go for this lovely "new to me" milk glass. It's from Westmoreland, called Old Quilt.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Well, at least I started...

First off, it was a great day for a visit from the tooth fairy. Miss Ella lost her first front tooth and the tooth fairy left her $1. She was so excited to go to school and show her friends!

For some reason the entire picture is not showing up. Click on them to enlarge!

Yesterday I decided to start the computer chair cover. It has a bottom cushion and then a removable cushion on top of that. I need my mom's help with the top cushion but the bottom required the fabric to just be stapled on. That is something I could do! First I gathered my supplies....

Oh, oops. The cake isn't essential to the recovering process but it makes it more fun! Here are my real supplies....

The old fabric on it was interesting. I'm using a chocolate brown polka dot for this part.

Here is where the glue gun came in handy. It was a bit tricky to go around the wood for the arms. I had to cut a small piece of fabric and fold it over. Then I glued it around the wood and stapled it to the bottom of the chair. At that point, I was able to cut the fabric and fold it without worrying about it going all the way around. I think it worked pretty well. I wish I took pictures of the whole process but I was just trying to get it done.

Here it is all done. It isn't perfect but it'll do. I can't wait to see how it looks once my mom and I get the top cushion recovered. This chair was a $5 yard sale find and it's fun to give it a new life.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Met Monday!

Another Met Monday with Susan from Between Naps On The Porch. Is it just me or do the weeks go by so fast? Be sure to visit her for more great transformations.

I'm cheating a bit this week because I don't have an accurate "before" picture to show you. If I did, it would have been a picture of trash by the road. Two houses ago our neighbors were getting a new front door. They lived in an adorable bungalow and the door was equally cute. When I found out the old door was going in the garbage, I asked them for it of course. It stood behind our ugly TV in that house. I had planned on getting some tall shutters for behind the TV but this door ended up doing just what I wanted...taking some attention away from the obnoxiousness in the corner. So here is my sorry excuse for a "before" pic.

And here is what it is doing today. I added some hooks and a planter box and it serves a wonderful purpose in our Everything Room. Keys are now organized and the box holds envelopes, stamps, and other bill paying stuff by the computer desk.

On that note, our Everything Room is almost done. My To Do list in the sidebar is shrinking! I have some sewing to do with my mom and then I'll be ready to post all the pictures of it. She is going to come over this week and teach me some sewing techniques that I currently am completely clueless on.

Thank you so much for visiting me. I can't wait to go see what you all have to share today!

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Go Visit Amy!

She has a blog called The Maisy Report that is a great read! If you haven't checked out her recent bathroom post, go now. AND she is having an amazing giveaway. Check her out and don't forget to enter:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spring, Where Are You?

Valentine's Day is officially over. Is it too early to bring on the bunnies? And the chicks? How about the little eggs? I just can't wait for Easter decorating this year. I've been hunting thrift stores for decorations since, for some reason, I didn't have much spring themed decor. The stores have it out, I'm thinking I should just go for it. When will you put your spring decorations out?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Simple Light Update

Thank you Susan for hosting this wonderful event again!

For this week I'm going to show you a very small update. In the room we call our "Everything Room" hangs a light that I loved so much I brought it with us from our last house. I couldn't leave it there as I had been to 5 lighting stores and more websites than I can count attempting to track it down. It isn't a fancy light at all but I love the glass candlesticks that look as though they are dripping real wax and the textured black finish. As much as I love the light, I thought for this particular room it needed "more." Here it is before:

And here it is after its $25 upgrade. I went to Joanns and found some beautiful beads to string together. Then I went to Home Depot where I bought the hanging crystals for added sparkle. I draped it inside the curls and I am so happy with it now. The room is small so I didn't want anything too fancy. Just enough to bring some added personality.

Don't forget to visit all the other Met Monday participants today. Thank you for coming to visit my light before and after.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Exterior Colors

I've been thinking a lot lately about what color to paint our shutters and front door when the spring comes. Just when I think I have it figured out, another idea comes to mind. There are just so many possibilities that it makes it near impossible to decide.

The first thing I did was hit the internet in search of yellow homes. There are many adorable yellow houses out there, all with their own personality. But what color scheme is perfect for my little yellow house? My first thought went right to black. A yellow house with black shutters is a classic combination but......then.......... I like the way the blue looks on the windows above.

Green never goes out of style and has been a staple in all my homes.

Or maybe no shutters at all? Hmmm...I don't think so, my house is not as grand as this one so I'm not sure she could pull it off.

A red door?

So what do you think? If you had a yellow house, what colors would you do on the door and shutters? I'd love opinions, right now I'm leaning toward green shutters and a tan door. Something like this:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just trying this out...

Feel free to ignore me as I try out the photo editing on my new computer. Our ancient dinosaur of a desktop was dying a slow and painful death so we decided it was time for a new one. The last computer was 6 years old and it's so interesting how much has changed in such a short time. My husband and I walked into Best Buy a bit confused and thankfully (just like their commercials show) there were some nice people to steer us in the right direction. I felt a little silly telling them that I needed a computer perfect for Blogging and online shopping. It's not a glamorous reason but Blogging has become such a part of my life lately, why not consider it in my computer purchase? The downside? The new computer didn't come in aqua to match my painted computer desk. Now that would have been fun.
The photo program has a button right at the bottom to upload the pictures directly onto Blogger. I won't tell you how excited I got when I realized that little feature was on here.

I'm happy to say we have wallpaper! Here is a picture I took in progress. Our Everything Room is really coming along. We are just waiting to install the floor and then we can finish it all up.

Warm bread...mmmmm....

These roses were a surprise from my husband last week. They are starting to fade now but I enjoyed them so much.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far. I'm hoping to have a finished room to show you all soon.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wanna shop?

I've been doing a little too much shopping online lately. Etsy has some wonderful items. Lets spend some virtual Blog money so I can save my bank account. Why don't you come along?

It's still cold here in PA but it won't stop me from thinking spring! How about these adorable Easter tags?

These calendar tags certainly caught my eye! They would be great above my calendar on our cork board.

How about these great tags to tuck inside thank you cards? They would be a fun surprise for the recipient.

I'm not usually drawn to jewelry but this is fantastic! I love the yellow color, this would look great for spring on a rain jacket.

This would be adorable on a little girl! The perfect apron to wear and help mommy bake.

How can you resist this apron? The cupcake images are delicious (and won't ruin your diet!) I'm not sure which I like better, the apron or that wonderful stove behind it!

Oh what a sweet creamer! I can picture this on my table mixed with some brown transferware and white plates. So pretty!

It just wouldn't be a shopping trip without milk glass!

I love these images, don't you?

How about this beautiful chalkboard? I could see this hanging in a mudroom, kitchen, office, etc. Would be a lovely place for notes!

Thanks so much for shopping with me! Did you find something you had to have?