Saturday, January 18, 2014

Today I Love...

Waking up to snow outside my windows...

Holiday mugs for my coffee...

And this sweet face who is in a snuggling mood today...

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Crafty, crafty, crafty....and disorganized

I've been working on trying to organize my workspace.  In my head, not in action just yet.  As my business has changed over the past year, the supplies I need to keep handy are changing as well.  
And while I need to have a place for everything, I'm also feeling that familiar urge to "keep it pretty" as well.  When I started selling on Etsy last year, I ended up taking over my dining room.  You might remember it used to look nice.....
Now it looks like this, sad I know. 
I've been snooping around online and found some inspiration.  Thought I would share it with you in case you have your own chaos to organize right now!
What is it about the New Year that makes us want to clean and organize?  It's so annoying! ;)
This is an adorable space I found on Sincerely Jen.  Great colors, everything out in the open so you can find a specific fabric easily.
I love this transformation over at Crafty Texas Girls.  She did a great job on her work space. 
The Pleated Poppy shared a great way for organizing all the scraps us fabric people can't bear to throw away.  Even itty bitty pieces have a home for later use. 
how to organize fabric
how to organize fabric
Another great space from Clover & Violet, tell me this isn't the cutest fabric display ever?  It's just happy.
How do you organize your craft or work space?   I'd love some tips before I tackle mine!