Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Junking We Will Go

I wanted to show you our new kitchen island! I found this dresser on craigslist and brought it home with the intention of painting it up pretty and reselling it. But....I got it in the house and thought "MINE!" We've decided to keep it and use it as our island. I'm going to paint it white and hopefully replace the top with butcher block. The back of it is not in the best shape so I'm thinking a bit of beadboard will be perfect!

On Saturday we headed out in the morning for an antique show close to us. I've been excited about this show for months! I always find amazing things at great prices. The sun was shining as we walked on the grass, eyes wide open, stopping to chat with the vendors as we admired their goods.
Here we are arriving...

Aren't these amazing?! I didn't bring them home but wish I could have.

I bought something that is in this next picture. What do you think it is? See if you are right later in the post.....

We headed back to the car after a bit for some lunch. Why is it that ham and cheese tastes better outside, sitting in the car with the hatch open?
One of my finds was this great old shutter. Only $3. My girls were jumping up and down when they saw the gumball machine. They were SO excited and decided to put their money together to buy it. We took the glass out to get it home safely....

Having fun girls? Ready to go?

Unfortunately I didn't get too many pics at the show, I was too busy making sure my 3 year old wasn't breaking a $300 platter or falling into a stack of paintings!

Here are some pics at home. This clock isn't old but I thought it was cute...

Hanging happily in the living room...

Skeleton keys that were 2 for $5. Who could resist?

The gumball machine with the glass in. I really need to get to the store for some gumballs now! Or maybe we'll put M&M's in it, hmmmm.....

These will hold postcards and pictures...

I have to give my hubby credit for this one, he found it!

Pewter sugar and creamer. I thought the sugar was so cute, like a tiny trophy...

We stopped at my favorite antique store since it was on the way to the show. This ironstone dish was on the 1/2 price shelf!

There were a lot of doorknobs to be found. Now I have enough for that coat rack. I need to add that project to my To Do list...

Did you guess what I bought in the beginning of this post? It was this piece of salvage! Chippy, pretty and perfect for above the french doors in the living room....

How does the gumball machine look in this spot? At first I wanted to spray paint it white but I'm not sure. The yellow is growing on me! The shutter is cute here...

But I think I like her better here. I'm sure she'll be moved around constantly.

The kids especially loved this part of the day, going for ice cream. Say "waffle cone..."

Sugary snacks make for happy faces...

A beautiful sky on a beautiful day. Finding treasures was great....but having a nice day with my family was the best part.

Who Gets The Rug?!

And we have a lucky winner! Wow, that took me a long time to write down all the names and cut little pieces of paper. I need to figure out how to do that random number generator!

My hubby closed his eyes and picked a name out of a hat....okay it was a mixing bowl but anyway......

The Winner Is Melissa who posted as Anonymous (email DSDCFan)
Congrats Melissa!!!! I'll be emailing you and CSNRugs shortly!

Thanks so much to all who entered. I wish I could give you all something!

P.S. - I went to a really fun antique show yesterday. I'm working on a post with all my finds, I ended up coming home with everything on my list! Catch up with you all soon! I hope you had a fantastically fun weekend!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Easy As Pie

I made this pie for Father's day and everyone loved it so I thought I would share! It's not often that I cook. I'm much happier calling for pizza instead of standing at the stove. Sometimes I get the motivation to make something. This recipe requires very little actual cooking.

This recipe came from those cards you get in the mail. Do you know the ones I'm talking about? They send you a pack a week until you've acquired the entire set (as you read this the real cooks are frantically clicking off my blog so as not to be seen with me). You've probably gotten the free ones, kept them and thought, "who actually buys these things?" Ummm...yeah, that would be me.

Butterscotch-Banana Cream Pie
1 (9-inch) graham cracker pie crust (I used a 10 inch, not only do I not cook but I can't follow directions either)
3 bananas, sliced
1 (4 oz.) package butterscotch cook and serve pie filling
2 cups milk
1 1/2 cups whipped topping (I used Cool Whip and way more than that)

1. Line graham cracker pie crust with bananas.
2. Prepare pie filling according to package directions, using 2 cups milk. Chill for 20 minutes to thicken.
3. Pour pie filling over bananas.
4. Spread whipped topping over pie filling. Refrigerate until serving time.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wanna Win A Rug?

CSN Rugs has given me the wonderful opportunity of giving away a rug to one of my readers! What perfect timing for me, having just reached 100 posts! The rug I chose is this beautiful black and white damask look rug. It is 2' x 3' in size and will look amazing in front of your kitchen sink, by the front door, next to your bed, or even in your bathroom. This hand hooked rug is 100% cotton.

Check out their huge selection of AREA RUGS . I'm sure you will find something you love!

So now you all are wondering, how do I win?! Here is what you have to do....just leave a comment on this post between now and the end of the day Saturday (my time, Eastern) and a winner will be announced on Sunday. I'll put you in touch with CSN and they will ship your rug directly to you. That's it! You don't have to be a follower (although I would love to have you), you don't have to post about this on your blog (if you want to, that would be great!) or stand on your head, or hop on one foot, or pat your head while rubbing your stomach. Just leave a comment!

**Anyone is welcome to enter, if you have a blog or not. If you do not have a blog, please make sure I have your email address so that I can contact you should you win.**

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yard Sale Cabinet Redo and....100!!!

And with this I've written 100 posts!! I can hardly believe it! When I started this blog not long ago, I wasn't sure I would have that much to say. Well, it appears I've had no trouble chatting away. I'm so glad you are along for the ride, my readers mean so much to me. Reading your comments brightens my day (which is especially special right now with this dreary weather).

My hubby asked me last night if I ever turn it off. It being decorating...thinking about decorating...painting....planning projects for him....moving furniture and accessories around in my head...wondering if I should change all our wardrobes out to match our house (kidding, kidding...sort of). And the truth is no, I can't turn it off. This blog gives me the perfect place to be the decorating/crafting obsessed person I am. A place where, thankfully, I don't have to turn it off. Thank you so much for being here!

So what to do when one reaches 100 posts? A giveaway of course. Check back on Tuesday for all the details!

Today I'm posting my yard sale cabinet for Met Monday. Do you remember the $8 cabinet before? Here it is in case you forgot:

And this is how it looks with a makeover!

I painted it with a creamy Cottage White and distressed it of course. The fun part was adding the vintage sheet music. I used a clear decoupage (the pages were already antiqued on their own) and overlapped the pages on the inset panels. I didn't worry about wrinkles or the edges sticking up as I wanted it to have an old look to it. These can be smoothed if you prefer while the decoupage is wet.

My little bird found a home inside this wire cage from Michaels.

In this pic you can see the other project we've been working on. The front screen door is all installed! I'll post about the process in the near future but I have to say, hubby did a great job! I'm so happy to have that slamming noise back again, music to my ears. I've said for years and years that I just wanted an old house with a slamming screen door.

Silly but true. Now it just needs some paint!

I want to give a big thank you to Kasey of Lola B's Boutique for the sheet music inspiration and the knobs, which came from her store. Fast shipping and they are beautiful, definitely check her out!

Metamorphosis Monday is hosted by the wonderful Susan of Between Naps On The Porch . Pop on over and see her if you love looking at Before and Afters! Mondays are full of them!

I also added this post to the fun with Rhoda at Southern Hospitality! Check out the other participants here, Weekly Deals .

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads out there.

See you all on Tuesday for the giveaway!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cloche Party!

Today I'm participating in a Cloche Party, hosted by the ever charming Marty of A Stroll Thru Life . Be sure to visit her for more cloche fun!

As I prepared for this event, I realized I didn't have a true cloche collection. So I'm cheating a little. :)

I recently showed you this pretty little nest in a pedestal cloche from Pottery Barn.

I'll put stuff in pretty much anything. This little bird cage became a holder for some vintage wooden spools.

Here's a covered dish that is always on my kitchen counter. You never know what you might find in it. Today it is old tin spools tied in a bundle. Aren't they cute?

And last but not least my ball jars. Great for stuffing bits and pieces of ribbon into! You never know when you'll need a little for a gift or to hang something.

Now go visit the other participants, I can't wait to see what they have in their cloches!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In Between The Raindrops....

It feels like it has been raining here forever. I'm wondering if we should be searching Craigslist for a boat. Today it stopped raining for about 30 seconds and I managed to get some exterior progress pics. Okay, so maybe I exaggerate, it was more than 30 seconds but like I said, this rain has been constant. One of my readers kindly reminded me I never took "after" pics of the back yard without the tree. I'll do that as soon as the sun decides to shine again. I love how the trees in the front drape over the walkway. Like a natural canopy to welcome guests to The Yellow House.

The weather has really put us behind but we've managed some outdoor work. Here's a "before" pic of the front. The shutters are down and ready for paint. We purchased wood screen doors today for the front and back. I'm thinking of stripping the front door and restaining it. If I fail, I can always paint it! The screen doors and shutters are going to get a coat of green.
The walkway is coming along. The flowers need to fill in but the poor things need some sunlight! We have mulch coming on Friday to finish it off. I'm so happy with how the pathway lights came out. My hubby installed these himself and even had to go under the porch. *shudder* He thinks his trip under there was worth it for these great lights!

I need to thank Tootsie for my hanging basket success! I have tried for years to have beautiful hanging baskets and they always faded. Thanks to her tip to put a garbage bag between the liner and the dirt, my baskets are finally thriving. Thank you Tootsie!
Here are some random pics from around the garden. We're adding landscaping little at a time.

It's hard to believe the week is halfway over already. I'll be busy singing "Rain, rain, go away...." because I'm ready to do some outside painting! I hope you all are having a wonderful week. I'll post more pics as we get things accomplished outside!