Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Paint Colors

I often receive comments and emails asking about paint colors. Welp, I'm not shy about sharing them so I thought I would put them all in a single post.

Shall we start downstairs?

Living Room:

Walls ~ Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore

Ceiling ~ Wickham Gray by Benjamin Moore (we had this one color matched at Home Depot though (big mistake in my humble opinion) and I believe they mixed it slightly bluer than the actual BM chip)

Dining Room:

Walls ~ Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore

Ceiling ~ Clear Moon, Semi-gloss finish, by Behr

Hutch ~ Cottage White by Behr


Walls and cabinets ~ Clear Moon by Behr

Ceiling ~ Same Wickham Gray as mixed above

Everything Room:

Upper 2 Walls ~ Brown TeePee by Behr

Other 2 Walls ~ Wallpaper by Target

Lower Walls ~ Clear Moon by Behr

Ceiling ~ we left alone so I'm unsure of the color

Door ~ Sunwashed Blue by Ralph Lauren

Okay, heading up the stairs is the same Coventry Gray/Wickham Blue combo through the hallway.

Master Bathroom:

Walls ~ Antique White by Behr

Ceiling ~ we left it alone so I'm unsure of the color

Master Bedroom:

Walls ~ Georgian Green by Benjamin Moore

Ceiling ~ Clear Moon by Behr

Hailey's Room:

Walls ~ Hazel Woods by Ralph Lauren

Ceiling ~ Clear Moon by Behr

Emidio's Room:

Walls ~ Mineral by Behr

Ceiling and trim ~ Clear Moon by Behr

Ella's Room was color matched paint as well and I'm not sure of the original color. I'm trying to get her to agree to a room redo but so far she isn't going for it. Who will win that one, hmmmmm......


My Vintage Modern Farmhouse said...

Hi Michelle,

I love your photo with the ray of sunshine coming in. Maybe if you wouldn't mind, would you give us a complete house tour...pretty please??


Darlene said...

We are really needing to paint in the master bedroom and spare bathroom. I'll have to check out your colors when (if ever) we decide to GET it DONE!!!!

Hope you are having a wonderful day.♥

Melissa Miller said...

Michelle your home is painted such beautiful colors that go perfectly in your lovely home. ~Gorgeous!

Robin said...

Thank you, thank you.

This past weekend I picked up a sample of cottage white by Behr for a project and I love it. I'm thinking it would be good for my kitchen cabniets.

Cindy said...

Hooray! Thanks for sharing. I'm gonna check some of those paint colors for a couple rooms....I come here so often for inspiration. LOVE your style (and old house!)

LuLu said...

Oh this was great, all your color choices are great and look so good together,

Katherine said...

Hi Michelle,
Just discoverd your blog (I'm new to blogging!) and love how you so willingly share your creativity with others. We are in the process of adding onto our older home (1937) and I'm contemplating exterior paint colors. Love your yellow and green combo. Not to bright but very welcoming and comfortable. Can you share the exterior paint colors? Would love to try them on my home. Thanks!