Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In Between The Raindrops....

It feels like it has been raining here forever. I'm wondering if we should be searching Craigslist for a boat. Today it stopped raining for about 30 seconds and I managed to get some exterior progress pics. Okay, so maybe I exaggerate, it was more than 30 seconds but like I said, this rain has been constant. One of my readers kindly reminded me I never took "after" pics of the back yard without the tree. I'll do that as soon as the sun decides to shine again. I love how the trees in the front drape over the walkway. Like a natural canopy to welcome guests to The Yellow House.

The weather has really put us behind but we've managed some outdoor work. Here's a "before" pic of the front. The shutters are down and ready for paint. We purchased wood screen doors today for the front and back. I'm thinking of stripping the front door and restaining it. If I fail, I can always paint it! The screen doors and shutters are going to get a coat of green.
The walkway is coming along. The flowers need to fill in but the poor things need some sunlight! We have mulch coming on Friday to finish it off. I'm so happy with how the pathway lights came out. My hubby installed these himself and even had to go under the porch. *shudder* He thinks his trip under there was worth it for these great lights!

I need to thank Tootsie for my hanging basket success! I have tried for years to have beautiful hanging baskets and they always faded. Thanks to her tip to put a garbage bag between the liner and the dirt, my baskets are finally thriving. Thank you Tootsie!
Here are some random pics from around the garden. We're adding landscaping little at a time.

It's hard to believe the week is halfway over already. I'll be busy singing "Rain, rain, go away...." because I'm ready to do some outside painting! I hope you all are having a wonderful week. I'll post more pics as we get things accomplished outside!


Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing the pics. Looks like things are coming along nicely!


Eileen said...

Extremely nice welcome area! Looks inviting and homey.
You and your husband must be very happy with the fruits of your labors!

aura said...

So cute! I have outside house envy. A couple months ago it rained for three weeks straight here, I thought I was going to go crazy. We missed our entire Spring and didn't get anything done to the yard.

Bellamere Cottage said...

Loved the random trip around the gardens.... so is The Yellow House! :-)

I put plastic between the coconut fiber and the dirt too! It sure does help. There is also a product you can add to the soil....I THINK it's called Soil Moist that helps keep the dirt from drying out. You might give that a try too!


Melissa Miller said...

Very pretty Michelle!

I really like how you did the pathway with the curved lights to accent it. I'll bet that looks lovely at night and very welcoming.

Hope the rain stops for you soon.
~Melissa :)

carolinajewel said...

Love your flowers! That is a great tip about the garbage can liner and the hanging baskets. Mine always fade too! Hope you see the sun soon!!! :D Jewel

Julie said...

Michelle are you sure you dont live down the street from me its done nothing but rain here too. the front looks like its coming along can't wait to see everything
have a great day

Kasey said...

beautiful pics of the garden.
i need to hang my baskets as well...when the rain stops!

Darlene said...

The front of your home and your walkway are sooooo pretty! VERY inviting! All your flowers are doing great!! I think they love all the rain. I'll try to share some of our hot, sunny, high 90 degree weather with you...ok?

OWL MOMMA said...

it looks great! thanks for the updates! and you can send a little rain our way... we're in stage 2 water restrictions here, and we're only halfway through june. i think this has been the driest 6 month in recorded hostory for us! :)

beth said...

We haven't been getting a lot of rain here in the desert, but it has been more cloudy, thunderstormy, and windy this year. We're singing wind, wind go away over here. :) Your exterior photos look great. I LOVE your porch, and the flowers look pretty! Here's hoping the rain ends for you soon.

marty39 said...

Your flowers are all so gorgeous. I love them. I can't wait to see the screen door and the shutters. Your walkway is going to be fabulous and the lights are fantastic. I sure wish we had some of your rain, but alas, nothing. I'm so glad you remembered the "Cloche Party". I will have Mr. Linky up later this evening. I so look forward to your creation. See you then. Hugs, Marty

Lou Cinda said...

This is so beautiful! You have done an amazing job! Love it!

We had the rain thing forever too! It has finally stopped and it has been sunny here for the last week! I so needed it!

Hope you get blue skies soon!!

Lou Cinda :)


I love your house! I can't wait to see the green shutters!

xinex said...

One thing good about the rain is it waters the plants. You have beautiful plants and flowers...Christine

Honey Bend Vintage said...

Oh I love your house. I really like those lights in the landscaping.

Rue said...

Everything looks so beautiful Michelle. I love those lights and I think it was worth crawling around under the porch too, especially since I wasn't the one that had to do it ;)

I just know the green is going to be beautiful.

that had to be revived by her kids after reading something about painting the front door


These are wonderful photos. We probably will get all the rain now and none in July and August. That is the way it usually happens here in Missouri.

Have a great day!


Anna said...

the outside of your house is looking as pretty as the inside. Send some of your rain this way..... it has been too long since it rained here and we've been watering the yard every day

Brenda said...

Your house is just a dream. One I've always dreamed of, anyway.

Kristin and Rob said...

Your flowers are lovely! I just love your front door; so cute! Good luck with the rest of your projects. I wish you dry weather! :)

lisa said...

You have a lovely home. Hope me too someday :)

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