Thursday, January 13, 2011


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It's been a month since I posted last. The holidays have come and gone and now here we are....knee deep in winter. This time of year tends to go by a little bit slower. The light of day is shorter, the cold makes us all hibernate a bit and the ground is frozen over. If I'm being honest, I love this time of year. I am a person who enjoys watching the snow fall from the couch, cup of hot cocoa in hand. I love the way we all slow down a bit and spend time at home watching movies and playing board games. It's totally me. I'm not a summer type girl. In fact, my husband lovingly (I think) calls me his "indoor girl." What can I say? I hate wearing a bathing suit but jeans and boots? Bring it!

Winter finds me here:

Drinking this:

Click here for the recipe!

Sometimes here finding new music to love:

Like this:

Or some days I may be reading this:

I could be on the computer finding new blogs to read. Have you checked out An Apple A Day? No? Click here !

And another must read is my friend Robyn's blog, The Pink Peony of Le Jardin . She is a super sweet lady and I would know because I get to hang out with her! She's the first blog friend that I've met in person and it's so fun to know a fellow decor blogger.

The Pink Peony of Le Jardin

What do you like to do in the winter? Are you a fan of snow or are you wishing for sun?


Claudia said...

I like the snow for a short while. Now I'm getting tired of it! I do drink my share of cocoa and snow falling outside is indeed a pretty sight.

But I think I am a spring and early summer girl because then I can get back out in the garden.


Carol said...

I do love to sit inside and watch the snow fall. Surrounded by snuggly cats and blankets, with a cup of coffee or tea.
But I do love working in the garden or painting the house too.

Carol said...

Oh, I just took your Christmas Home Tour. Gorgeous! Now I miss Christmas.

Gracefully Vintage said...

What a BEautiful PICTURE love the snow, great image love the heart marshmellow..

Janet said...

I am desperately dreaming of the sun. I moved to NC for mild winters but it has been brutaly cold since November.

I do like the cold for just a little bit and drink my fair share of cocoa.

Stacey said...

Nice to have you back! We've had the snow for days now and i have been wishing it away:-). Gorgeous pics though. XX

Rug Cottage and Iowa Barntiques Antique Mall said...

Hi there! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home and inspiring! Love those pillows on your couch with the flowers and the bird cute! You're blue color scheme is so calming. We have a wood burning fireplace in our home that I love to curl up by with a steaming cup of coffee and a blanket! You wouldn't find me out shoveling or making snow angels (ha ha). Winter is beautiful for a few days...but let's just say "i don't do well with cold". Hope you're keeping warm. Have a blessed day! Nancy

Heather said...

Hello! I am glad that you are back in blogland! I live in Southern CA, so there's no snow for me! I really do enjoy the cooler weather though. Summers here have become brutal. I've never lived in the snow, but it certainly looks pretty. Enjoy your cozy house!

Pam @ Frippery said...

I love being cozy when the snow is falling and it's cold outside. Every season has it's special pleasantries. I find myself getting down in the dumps sometimes after all the Christmas hubbub but then I think of what a delicious down time this season allows and I feel much better.

ohiofarmgirl said...

Well, I love winter but not i just do not like driving in it.
I really love fall...60 degrees..beautiful color but still can take nice long walks...
But I am enjoying the season..about 6 weeks to go..I am hanging on for now. Dianntha

Blondie's Journal said...

I love winter, too...for all the reasons you do. But I love all the seasons, each one bringing something new and keeping monotony at bay.

Lovely picture of your living room!


T.J. said...

If I had a living room like that, I'd sit in it all day long, too!!!! happy winter to you :)

Theresa said...

Well, funny you should ask:) I have been snowed in for ONE WEEK! Atlanta doesn't do well in the snow and we have had snow and ice! So, I have been staying inside keeping busy! The sun is shining and the snow is melting by the weekend! Enjoy your comfortable home with you hot chocolate and magazines! HUGS!

xinex said...

I would rather stay in too but we don't even have snow here and I would still rather stay in when it is cold...Christine

Vintage Sassy said...

Well I truly love that it gets dark early. I feel like it's a time to rest and regroup because summers can be so crazy and my husband is outside until it's dark so I do like this time of year. I'm like you, curl up with a good book or magazine with my hot chocolate and sometimes even in my jammies all day.


Jen Kershner said...

Welcome back! Love your rambly post! I love the winter. We have had a very snowy winter and I think It's wonderful. I'm still waiting for life to slow down though. I'm hopeful for February.

Robyn said...

You know I'm an "indoor girl" too!~and I never put on a swimsuit unless I have to. I love the coziness of winter! Thanks again for all the fun, and for the shout out about my blog~what a fun surprise! Funny~I was (and am) planning to do the same thing for you on mine!


beth said...

I am a summer girl! I like being able to go out the door without having to throw on thermal underwear, scarf, mittens, sweater, coat, earmuffs, etc. It takes me twice as long to get ready to go pick up my son from Kindergarten. And I love sitting out on the deck all evening and having BBQ's and picnics at the local parks and swimming holes. I am ready for warmer weather. Although I have to say that I am not quite ready yet for the days to start getting longer, as it is pretty nice to feel like I can get my PJ's on and settle in for the night at 5:00!! :)