Monday, March 14, 2011

Back To Reality

So last Monday Hubby and I were married 11 years, wow! More than a decade, that sounds like a long time to me. My parents offered to watch the kids for us Saturday night so we could go out and celebrate. They even volunteered to take them overnight and no way were we arguing with that. We went to a delicious Italian dinner and stuffed ourselves silly till we couldn't walk and the garlic smell was radiating all the way to Canada. (For local readers, we went to Mama Nina's, Main St., Bethlehem-excellent food!) After dinner we met my cousins and some friends for a couple drinks and for a few blissful hours managed to forget we had any responsibilities other than letting loose for a bit. We also managed to forget that we are 30 somethings and not 20 somethings anymore....but that is a whole other post.

After I drove us home (I only had one drink people, we are of the don't drink and drive responsible types.) we shuffled in the house completely exhausted because we're not used to being out that late. We were literally thisclose to glorious slumber when the phone rang. Let me tell you, when your phone rings at 2 a.m., it ain't gonna be good. No matter how you cut it, something is terribly wrong. And it was. Poor Ella was sick and my poor parents had been cleaning up vomit and attempting to not bother us for hours. How awesome are my parents? They were dealing with a sick child and were worried about ruining our night. They are all kinds of awesome. But Ella was crying for her own bed so off we went to pick our baby up.

And back to reality.....

With Ginger Ale.

She's feeling much better so far today and so far so good on everyone else.

Completely unrelated, I went to TJ Maxx last week and they had these bird plates. I thought they were sweet so I grabbed just the one for display....

What are your plans for this Monday? Did you remember to turn your clocks ahead? I feel like it takes days to adjust to the time change here!


beth said...

Happy anniversary! I'm glad you guys were able to have a nice night out!! It sounds heavenly.
So sorry your little one got sick. I'm not feeling too good myself today, so I'm probably not going to be doing much of anything. I wanted to get some painting done, but I think it would be best if I just rest.
I love that little plate!! How cute! :)
Hope you have a great day!

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness... Happy Anniversary and happy your little one is feeling better! Memories made, some good and some not so good:)

Have a blessed day! HUGS!

Blondie's Journal said...

Happy Anniversary. 11 years is a long time! I wish you many more. A night out sounds like something you truly needed. It sounds like it was so much fun. I'm sorry Ella got sick....maybe your parents will give you a rain check! ;-D

I love that little plate. Displaying it is a great idea. It's really cute!

Have a great week {I hope no one else gets sick}.


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Happy Anniversary!! Too bad your daughter got sick. I'm glad she is starting to feel better.
The bird plate is so cute!! It reminds me of the ones Pottery Barn was selling last year.
I hope you have a wonderful week!

Robin said...

Poor baby! I'm glad to sounds like today is a better day.

Simony said...

Lovely parents!
Your vignette is beautiful!

Here On Crow Creek said...

Happy Anniversary! I hate your little one was sick. I don't like it when the time changes. It takes me forever to get adjusted. I am usually up and at em at by 7:30 but this morning I had to make myself get up at 10 a.m! That is sooo not like me. I love the plate you found at T.J Maxx!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! I saw that plate at my T.J.Maxx and bought one myself..I loved it..Hope your little one is feeling better..Love your blog..

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary!! Newlyweds!! (We've been married 40) We had some times just like yours. Lovely blog. I'm your newest follower.
Ladybug Creek

Shabbygal said...

Happy Anniversary! So great you had a nice night to yourselves! Hope your little one is feeling better! That bird plate is so darn cute! I went thrifting today and found a few items but not as fruitful as I had hoped! Traci

Heather said...

Happy anniversary! Glad you had a good time even though it was short lived! Those darn kids, but what would life be like without them?!