Friday, July 31, 2009

Heirloom Party Fun!

I have many things that are special to me, items that were given to me as gifts or actually passed down to me. Today I'm going to pick a few of my larger items and share their story!

The painting in my living room is probably the only "real" piece of art I own! I'm normally hanging plates, grungy ceiling tiles and pictures in generic frames which makes this painting even more special. It belonged to my Great Aunt Martha and was passed down to my parents. They didn't have a good place for it so I asked if I could hang it in my house. Usually I just steal things from my parent's house and run but I figured they would notice this large painting missing. I think it is technically on loan to me but I know my parents enjoy seeing it when they come over.

Then we have my dining room table. This table became a joke in my family because my dad started calling it "the heirloom." It's a newer table, not an antique but when my parents were giving it up I said something about painting it and my dad then said I couldn't have it joking least I think he was joking. It became a family joke that me, as an only child, wouldn't get "the heirloom" because they were going to find someone to appreciate it without taking a paintbrush to it. As you can see, I did finally wrangle it from them and no, I'm not painting it. It's probably the only thing in this entire house that is safe from my paint hungry hands.

That brings us to my hutch. It isn't a family heirloom but it still holds happy memories. When we bought our old Cape Cod (Read about it here) years back, we purchased it from an older couple who had lived in the home for 52 years. They bought it new and stayed until they could no longer make the steps. They were the sweetest people and we were thrilled when they left the dining room set for us, which included this hutch. We visited with them before the closing and you could just tell the home, and its contents, held so much happiness and meaning for this couple. Even though we eventually sold that house, we took their hutch with us. It reminds me of that house, the happy family that lived there before us and even reminds me of when my girls were much smaller and bibs filled the drawers in the hutch. One day I'll pass this hutch on to my kids and tell them the story behind it.

Now head on over and see the other participants!!


Jennifer Dawn said...

You have a gorgeous home...the heirlooms add so much character.

Nancy said...

I like the heirlooms you've shared and the stories behind them...thanks for sharing!


Darlene said...

LOVE your pretties!!! The table story is too funny! Now don't you paint that OK!!!

I just LOVE seeing the pictures inside your beautiful home. It is just GORGEOUS!!!

Sheryl said...

Love the table and the hutch!

Richella said...

I love your dining room! A beautiful room.

I joined the Heirloom Party, too, but was late to do so. I also showcased my dining room. Do heirlooms just GO in dining rooms, do you think?

Have a great day!

Mrs. P. said...

Great treasures! I love your dining room. Thanks for sharing.

Eileen said...

I like your treasures and the memories they hold for you, thanks for sharing.
You have a well-maintained and well-loved home.
All the best,

Ashley @ AshleysBusy said...

That hutch rocks, I love it every time I see it!

House Elf said...

Beautiful home, and wonderful use of heirlooms!! What colour are your walls? It is a very nice soothing colour!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Wow love your house. The hutch is beautiful. It's great to have things that have meaning.

Claudia said...

Love the painting and the table - I wonder...maybe you'll paint it some day? Love the hutch and the story behind it.

Rue said...

Hi Michelle :)

I steal stuff from my mom too, but I'm thinking they WOULD probably notice the beautiful painting missing... I know i would LOL

You didn't paint the table?? Is this really Michelle... did someone hijack your blog?? You know I'm just teasing!

Oh and you know I love that hutch ;)


Anonymous said...

oooh i love that hutch!

Marie said...

Hello Michelle - thank you for joining the party! I love that painting. The yellow fruit and the flowers in the teapot are so pretty! The wood color of your dining set is beautiful. I wouldn't paint it either. It flows nicely in your room there and with the french doors. I've commented on your sweet hutch before, but I don't remember reading the story behind it. Love it! How very sweet. Your milk glass collection is fabulous.


Kim said...

I loved your heirloom stories. The story about the table was hilarious!!! And I love the china hutch.

Susie Q said...

I love,love the hutch!!
The story about the table was a hoot! Your home is just so, so pretty.