Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blog List and Award

Hi everyone! You may have noticed (or not) that my "Places to visit over coffee" list has disappeared. The list was getting too long and there were more I wanted to add so I created a new blog for it. I have it set up to list the most recent posts on top which will make it easier for me to keep up with all of you!

Here's the blog with all the links....


I still have some updating to do but I'm getting there!

My friend Sarah of The MamaCanon Blog, Visit her here, recently passed on this lovely award to me! Normally I just add the award to my sidebar quietly but this one is a good "get to know you" award so I thought I would post about it! I have to tell 10 honest things about myself. Yikes, are these supposed to be interesting?! Here goes nothing...

1. The person who gave this award to me, Sarah, is a great friend of mine. We've never even met but she's become my "real life" BFF anyway. We chat on the phone all about motherhood, our husbands, pets and of course...blogging! Want to know how we "met?" When we were pregnant with our boys we both joined an August 2005 due date forum. We hit it off immediately and can you believe our boys both had to be difficult? Her son was born in July and mine in September. So much for that pesky due date thing!

2. I'm hopelessly addicted to coffee. I've given up trying to give it up.

3. I have two dogs. Sebastian is a Sheltie and such a good dog. He just aims to please. I could do without all the hair but you know how that goes. Tucker is a mix and just plain crazy! He's still technically a puppy so we'll cut him some slack. The kids get a kick out of watching him race around the house.

4. I took horseback riding lessons for a long, long time when I was a child/teenager. The shows were the most fun and I have a box of ribbons to show for it. My grandfather owned race horses so I think it's in my DNA. I also collected horses, drew horses, basically thought about them constantly. I wanted my own badly but unfortunately that was just a dream. My girls keep asking me for my Breyers but so far I've only given them a couple.

5. Okay, I'm running out of things already.....let's see. I love flowers but do not have a green thumb. Many a plant has died a painful death on my watch. Good thing I'm better at parenting.

6. I love where I live but if I could I would have a farmhouse on a big piece of land, complete with barns for horses and chickens running out of the way as I pulled in the driveway....bliss.

7. Two out of three of my children were named during the pregnancy after a great grandparent. Each of those two were born on their namesake's birthday. Oh and born naturally, we didn't force them out of there or anything crazy!

8. I love my mama to pieces and know I could never live far from her. I'd like to be like her when I grow up but honestly I don't have half the patience or kindness she does.

9. I love blogging. Really, really, really love it. Love the people I meet, the inspiration that is out there, the sense of community even though we are all over the world. It's a wonderful thing.

10. I have a secret business project in the works. I'm still in the research and development phase. I don't even know what that is but it sounded business like. Ha! I'll reveal soon but I am finally going to make a dream of mine come true. I'm ready to give it a try, success or failure...I have to find out.

If you've made it through this post, I should send you an award!! I'm really bad at passing these on so I'm not going to single any blogs out. If you are willing to post 10 honest things about yourself, go ahead and steal this award. Just make sure to come back and let me know so I can read all about YOU!!


Darlene said...

It was fun reading all the honest things about you!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!♥

Rue said...

Were we separated at birth? Aside from the mom thing (love her/can't live by her) and the business thing we have all these things in common. Weird. I would love to meet you one day :)


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Thanks for letting us get to know you a little better! Good luck to you and your new business project!

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

It's always learn a little more about the bloggers I enjoy visiting. I would LOVE to live on a farm too with lots of animals... that would be bliss! :) -Jackie

Astrid said...

Thanks for sharing!

Good luck with your business!!!

Your cool friend Cheryl said...

What a fun read :)

carolinajewel said...

I enjoyed getting to know you better - Honestly! :D Jewel

Gwen said...

I had a Sheltie as a kid. She was a great dog, but ohhh the fur!

Congrats on your award:)

Melissa Miller said...

Very nice to read more about you Michelle! :)
The fact about your children's birthdays and the names of grandparents is really cool. ~WOW!

Lee Laurie said...

Nice to learn a few more things about you. I love your blog. How long have you had your Sheltie? I use to have several for years. I want another one now. They are my favorite! My last one "Sassy" passed away a few months ago. Where did you get yours?

Come by my blog...I am having my first giveaway.

Lee Laurie

Lynette said...

What a great list and I can't wait to see/hear about your new venture - I just revealed my ETSY shop and was/am still scared to death over it!!

I checked out your second blog with your list - OMG!! I'll just leave it at that -

Happy Hump Day - have a good one!

Lisa Shatzer said...

One of these days I'm going to look at every blog on your list. Fun! I am still honored to be on your list. :)

Cheri Peoples said...

Fun info. You are so sweet.

I am starting a NEW Mr. Linky party. It will begin on Aug 10th so everyone will have a week and a half to think about their first post. I have a poll up for votes on which button should be the new button. The "party" is called The Knock Off Knock Out-where THRIFTY meets creative sensation. Go over and learn more about the new weekly event and I would appreciate if you would cast your vote and HELP pick the new button design and its the last week for the July GIVE-A-Way, if you would like to be a part of that event..

Tootsie said...

it is so much fun to learn a little more about our blogging friends!

Anonymous said...

Always nice to learn more about our fellow bloggers. Hope you have a having a great week!

chickie said...

I think it is very cool of you to be open and put yourself out there and tell about yourself.It was a fun blog to read.If it helps I might just consider to do the same.10 things about yourself.I will let you know.Have a great evening.Fun Finds 2 U... Chickie

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Nice to get to know you better! Have a great weekend~