Friday, July 31, 2009

Hi everyone! I've already taken most of today off from hubby is on vacation from work this week so I'll be taking a blogger break. We're not going away but instead will spend the week having uninterrupted family time and lots of fun!

So I'm unplugging for the week. I'll catch up with you all when I return! Have a fantastic week!


Nancy said...

Wishing you a wonderful week with your family!


Theresa said...

Enjoy and we'll look forward to seeing you when you plug back in! I bet you'll take a peek during the week:) Have a blessed week!

Rue said...

I understand the need for a break (believe me! LOL), but I'll miss you :(

oh and yes it works, but it needs a new tube, because it burnt out. And yes, we really should meet at some point! That would be a blast :)

Anyway, have a great time with your family!


june@craftyniche said...

I hope your "staycation" is great. :)

Darlene said...

Hope you have a fabulous vacation and see ya when you return!

Anonymous said...


Kasey said...

enjoy your time.

Kelli said...

We'll miss ya! Enjoy your week with family!

Susie Q said...

You enjoy your time with loved ones! Nothing is better!
Enjoy each moment!

Family American Style. said...

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Marie said...

Hello Michelle - even though I've missed your fabulous posts, I so hope your family time has been blessed this week!


Cheri Peoples said...

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