Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stuffed Animals!

I think every parent (especially parents of girls) at some point in time says, "What can we do with all these stuffed animals?!" My girls are getting older but are still very attached to theirs. Especially the Webkinz. Oh the dreaded Webkinz! Ours normally end up all over their floors....and beds. I'm not sure how one can be comfortable sleeping with 20 animals but they seem to make it work.

For Ella's room I bought these totes from Pottery Barn. They were inexpensive and they sit by her bed so she can grab what she needs at night. Usually when her bed is made, I toss them all back in here.

Cracked me up how she put a bracelet on this dragon. I guess she's all ready for a dragon outing!

In Hailey's room I put a cradle to contain everything. This sweet cradle was a yard sale steal at $3! I grabbed it and ran before the lady could change her mind.

The stuffed animals drive me nuts but I'm just going to be happy they are somewhat contained and not all over the floors!


Karla said...

Love the totes! And the cradle is adorable! What a steal at $3! :) The bracelet on the dragon is too cute!!

~ Karla

Sarah said...

I anticipate our own stuffed animal crisis around here. I have a tub full of them in the garage that I've slowly removed from the house.
What's the deal with these stuffed animals anyway!?!?!
My kids never play with them, yet we have *SO* many!!

prof en retraite said...

Looks like you've found some good solutions! My daughter;s toychest eas always overflowing!...Debbie

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Awwww, they look so so sweet Michelle! and great deals too! :)

They remind me so much of when Melanie ( my 13 year old ) thought only of stuffed animals! :) I just picked her up from the Mall! How did that happen so fast?! :)lol

Thanks so much for stopping in and visiting and leaving such sweet comments! I consider myself still a new-bee too :) Every time I think I got it down packed, I have more to learn and more to experience. I think that's what is wonderful about it, it's a constant flow of creativity and also an interaction with such wonderful women too! It's funny how a post about something can make you remember some moment, or inspire you to try something new too!

Yours just did that for me, I called my daughter in and said: "awwww, look sweetie, you used to collect webkins too! do you have that one?", so I got a few more minutes of bonding time than I normally would for a day :) and every minute counts! Thanks so much!

Hope you have a great week! Hugs, Cynthia

Sarah said...

Hey babe!
How big is Hailey's room? Does that cradle take up a lot of space?

So far (today), I have put all of Olivia's favorite stuffed animals in a basket in her room so she can fling them all over the floor when the mood strikes her.

We do have an old cradle, but it seems too large and dangerous to use in her space right now. It rocks and you know she'd knock her brother out cold with it.

BTW, she's bitten Ady 2 times this week. Oh blessed be!! We have a biter!! I want to go hide under a rock!