Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cutting down the tree!

Every year we really enjoy going and cutting down our Christmas tree. This year was COLD! We had fun anyway though. This year we tried out a different place. They take you on a hayride out to the trees which was neat. I've never been on a hayride on December before! You pick your tree, cut it down and they wrap it up and take it back for you. We picked out a nice, full tree that wasn't very tall. I was worried about sap on the ceiling since it was going in the dining room, we just redid that ceiling! My parents came along with us to join in the fun and we all went out to dinner afterwards. It was a really nice day!

Ella next to our tree!

My dad and the girls on the hayride. You can see the new pup in his coat, he was trying to keep Tucker warm!

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