Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Gingerbread Houses Through The Years

A tradition started in 2005 for us, making gingerbread houses with my good friend Lori. Her two boys were getting older and the excitement of things like gingerbread houses was a bit lost on them. Don't let them fool you too much, every year they end up at the table with us, putting icing and candy on the house! My kids have an amazing time with this, they are already asking me when we can make it this year. I'm not sure how much candy gets on the house and how much goes in their bellies. Eating the candy as you make it is all part of the fun!

Here is a backwards look at the ones we've done:

2007 ~ We made a Christmas tree to go with the house last year. It was so cute, I think that was my favorite part. If you look to the right side, that's a little pond and a sled. The little candy ornaments on the tree kept mysteriously disappearing. Hmmmm....still a mystery to this day.

2006 ~ That's my friend Lori, who we make the gingerbread houses with every year. She offers up her kitchen to become a huge, sticky, mess and never has a bad thing to say as we are scrubbing dried confectionary sugar off her floor. Big props to her for that! My favorite thing this year was the Blow Pop walkway. It was near impossible to make those things stand up! The kids loved it though! I really like the little chimney on this one and the grass on the front lawn.

2005 ~ Our first year! My little guy was just a baby so his gingerbread boy is in a diaper! We made a little pond out of tiny blue candies and a Christmas tree in the window. The little snowmen seem to be enjoying it. This house might be my favorite, it was the year a new tradition began. I hope we keep it up and have many more sticky, gooey messes to look forward to.

Stayed tuned for Gingerbread House, 2008 edition coming soon!!!!


Kristens Creations said...

Wow! Your gingerbread houses look great! We are going to make one soon. Thanks for your visit! Just replace those pumpkins with peppermints and your good to go!! LoL. Have a great day, Kristen

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Oh, these are awesome! I am completely in awe of anyone who can make one of these amazing houses! And for the record, I am totally jealous that you live in an historic home!!! Ok, now I need to search your blog for some pics of your home. :-) Susan