Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Everything Room

This is what our family room floor looks like now. Yep, it's concrete. I call it the "everything room" because it serves way too many functions. It's an extra TV room, a computer room and the place we come in to the house from the backyard. It also holds the powder room and a closet. Furniture arrangment is nearly impossible but it is extra square footage in our small home so we try to make use of it!

There was carpet in here before which wasn't working out too well because you would come in from the back door right on the carpet. It was getting dirty faster than I could keep up with it. We planned to get to this room eventually but the entire family has been battling a stomach virus all week and one of the kids ended up sick all on the carpet. Gross, I know! So it sealed the deal, the carpet had to go. No amount of cleaning would have made me feel okay about the carpet staying. So much for our bedroom being first on the list after the New Year!

This room is part of an addition that was put on so it was built on a slab. We're limited for flooring because it has radiant heat in the concrete floors. That requires either a floating floor or a tile.

I'm thinking a laminate like this. It's reasonable in price and we can always change it out later if we want something nicer. For now, with kids and dogs, I think it will be a good, cost effective choice for in here. We may end up doing a spot of tile right in front of the doorway since that is such a high traffic area. That way the laminate isn't exposed to excessive amounts of water from the door.


Wendy said...

I know how it is to get your bedroom pushed back. We have been wanting to finish our bedroom for a couple of years now and it seems something always comes up.

Hope everyone in the family gets to feeling better.

Hope you have a Happy New Year!

Kristi @ Addicted2Decorating said...

I can relate to the concrete floor! That's what I have in my whole condo right now. We ripped out carpet and old linoleum, and are planning on painting the floor, but that requires moving everything out (including us and our pets) for about four days, and that's quite a job!! I hope to get to it in the next couple of months.