Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Yellow House Dining Room

I have our dining room posted on RMS but realized I hadn't put any pictures here. Since posting it, I've moved the table at an angle. We had it this way to make room for the Christmas tree in the corner. After the tree came down, I realized how much easier it was to move around the table with it this way. I'm not sure if it will stay this way but for now....

This room was many weekends of work. Everything was rewired so the chandelier could go in. The floors were refinished, furniture was painted and we painted the walls and trim. I think my husband and dad would say the hardest part was working on the electric (they did the whole house) but I would say it was the floors. Even though tarps were put up, the dust from sanding the floor ended up everywhere! It took forever to clean up.

The mirror on the floor in the background was a steal at Homegoods! It is scratched on the front and was $15! I saw the price and hauled it right up to the register. I think scratches and dents give pieces character so I didn't mind a bit. The mirror has a beveled edge and I just love it. When I got it home I set it here to rest so I could decide where it should go. So far it has stayed here, I like how it reflects the hutch.
The oak table belonged to my parents. They were nice enough to pass it down to us. It opens up nice and big for holiday dinners.

This hutch was a dark wood before. I painted it cottage white, painted the inside blue, added a stencil and changed out the drawer pulls. My husband was ready to put it to the curb before and now he loves it!

Cookies and tea, anyone?

The beadboard ceiling is my favorite part of this room. Our first house had a kitchen ceiling like this and we've copied it since then. I picked out the little corner pieces for a special touch.....okay, okay you caught me, it was really to make installing the crown moulding easier.

We use this room for everything from eating to sewing to scrapbooking, to legos.....

The armoire went with our nursery set. It was a natural color pine and I wasn't sure what to do with it once all our babies grew up into kids! So it ended up in here. I added little decorative wood pieces to the front of the doors, painted it the same cottage white as the hutch and now it holds crayons, paints, coloring books, etc. It's a great place to hide all the art supplies kids seem to accumulate!

Thanks for taking the tour of our dining room!


Susan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.I have added myself to your followers list!

Wendy said...

I love the ceiling. When we put our beadboard up, I'm going to steal your idea and put some up on our hallway ceiling, maybe the guest bath also.

Great job on the hutch!

You said you like to scrapbook. Do you visit Two Peas?


jerseygirl211 said...

Hi, :)

How nice of you to drop by my blog. Should I offer you my sympathy with your move to Pa., or did you move to a nice part of the state? We moved from The Garden State On New Jersey, to a coal mining region, Pottsville. We ended up staying there much longer then we expected. I told my husband that if I died there, that I would come back and haunt him.;) He was able to take an early retirement, moved here to Delaware, and WE LOVE IT. What part of Jersey are you from?

Love what you did to the hutch, very nice job. I need to do something with our wallunit in our living room, I just can't make up my mind what I want to do. :(



Rhondi said...

Thanks for stopping by. I think you've done a wonderful job on your dining room. I want to put a beadboard ceiling on our kitchen. I've always loved the look of it.
Happy new year!
Hugs, Rhondi

Kristens Creations said...

Love your diningroom! I love the ceiling too, how pretty! I'm glad you had a nice New Year's eve. Kristen

Cheryl said...

I love your blog so glad I found it. I am also a huge fan of toile and transferware. No matter what shade it is I love it. Your decorating is comming along beautiful and hey you can never have too many words. I found a place that sells vinyl lettering of different quotes or you can make your own I am going to use it to place something sweet about the head of my bed. I always loved the one that says..*Always Kiss Me Goodnight* I think it is such a nice quote. Have a Happy New Year!!

Peace and Blessings
Cheryl.....Snatch JOY!