Monday, December 22, 2008

Some decorations around the house

I love a good sale....don't we all? I went to Michaels over the weekend and they had most of their holiday decor at 70% off. I wonder what the after Christmas sales will be?! I bought a few things but my favorite purchase was these little birds on clips. I put a few of them in the tree, aren't they cute?

I also bought this little tree for the kitchen. I love how it sparkles when the sunlight comes in the windows.

A favorite decoration of mine is this Santa. I've had him for a few years now. He always makes me smile when I take him out of his holiday storage box. Usually he ends up moved from one room to another during the season. He's like the "Where's Waldo" of our holiday home.

Here is this years vacation ornament. Whenever we go away, we always bring back an ornament to remember our vacation. We had a little crab ornament from a trip to Ocean City, MD a few years back but it broke. I was heartbroken when he fell and his little legs broke into a million little pieces. This year, at the beach, we took a trip to the Christmas store where I spotted this little Santa being driven around by a crab. I hope the crab can get Santa to all the houses on time this year! The reindeer must be taking a well deserved rest. They are a little heavy so instead of putting him on the tree where he could fall, I'm keeping them safe and sound on the hutch.

Here are a few of my favorite ornaments on the tree. A cranberry star:

I collect chairs so this was a fun find:

And this sweet bird:

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