Saturday, December 6, 2008

Meet Tucker!

Say hello to our new baby boy! He's a Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie mix) and his name is Tucker. The girls already are calling him Tuck for short. We brought him home last night and he is such a sweetie. It's so much fun to watch him romping around! The kids couldn't be more excited (the adults are too). Our Sheltie Sebastian seems to like him, he wants to sniff him all over of course. I have a feeling they will be fast friends! :)

My parents brought home two puppies for me when I was in high school. One was a Yorkie and one was a Maltese, Casey and Josh. We lost our Joshyboy in August to cancer and I know Casey (and my parents) miss him terribly. We saw this mix and knew it was meant to be. His face reminds us so much of Josh, my mom cried when she saw him. Dad tried to put up a macho front but he was completely melting when he held Tucker. How could you not?!

More pictures to come, we'll take lots!!!!

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Kathy said...

Is he cute...or what???