Monday, December 15, 2008

The Little Blue Dresser

Have you ever had a piece of furniture that was so versatile, you used it all over the house? We have something like that. It's a small, blue dresser we found at a junk shop years ago. My husband and I often checked this shop out and sometimes we would leave with a find, sometimes empty handed. I was very upset when it closed a couple years ago. One day we went there looking for something to hold a TV in the playroom of our cape cod home. I had already made a blue floral cushion for the wicker sofa in the room so when I saw this dresser, I knew it would be perfect! We paid $65 for it and took it home. Nothing had to be done to it, the paint was a perfect color and it had an aged look to it. I'm sure it has a few new scratches on it these days but you would never know it.

Here it is in the room:

When we moved, it ended up holding clothes in our son's room. I loved this room, we did light blue stripes on the walls and the dresser was the perfect color for a nursery. The drawers were a little stubborn opening and closing so I rubbed the bottoms of the drawers with the side of a candle. A little wax does wonders!
Then we moved again (I know, we move too much!) and it stayed with him for a little while. We knew another home would have to be found for it because he had a "big boy" dresser waiting for him..... it ended up in the dining room! When we remodeled the dining room, I knew it would work great in there with my blue transferware. Now it holds games and puzzles for the kids. I've been considering relocating the games and using it for my scrapbooking supplies. We'll see! You never know where it will end up next. It is still one of my favorite "junk" finds.


MamaCanon said...

Very cool Michelle! I love that mirror over the dresser in the last picture. What a versatile piece!!

Jen Kershner said...

Oh, I love your blue dresser. It's pure perfection!